Thanks for taking a look at my blog. My intention here is to explore creativity — how I create photos, redo rooms, bake, sew, garden, and write, and what compels me to keep at these pursuits. I live in Maryland and work for the federal government. I love science. I love to read. I love to work out — zumba is my current favorite exercise . I write about scientific research in federal labs, trying to put the science in plain English. We believe the taxpayers should have the chance to understand what their tax dollars support, even if they haven’t studied science in depth! I’m single and don’t have children, so I can devote time to satisfying my creative impulses.

Though I understand a lot about photography and can capture nice images, I’m not an expert. Neither am I an expert seamstress, gardener, baker, or redecorator. I keep working at these things and trust that experience and the true experts will teach me in time. Enjoy reading along and please offer comments!



One thought on “About

  1. Linda:

    Amazing to find your blog. Great photographs!

    I actually found this site from Paul Potts’ memorial to his mother. I was trying to update my genie files and needed details on your side of the family. On a whim, I Googled “Susan Clarke Armstrong” and found Paul’s site. Interesting that he is researching the Civil war photos of W. E. Bagley, your great, great grandfather. I have just made contact with a professor at Arizona State that says he can help me research the photos we have and might be able to trace the photographer W.E. worked with and find more about his work.

    I could not find any way to contact Paul on his site. Could you forward this to him. I would love to keep in touch with you all.


    Jon D. Findley

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