Ready for winter!

Hi Everyone,

Jan. 7, 2012 — If you’ve dropped by recently, you probably noticed that I took a break. I did some appropriate celebrating, visited family, toasted 2012, and all that. Now, I’m back and intend to keep rolling here through the coming year.  Before I look ahead, I need to revisit a topic I posted about last month — the doggie jackets.

We love our new coats!

I sewed these little coats for my brother’s pups for Christmas. That’s Hugo on the left and Coco in the pink jacket. I know I risk sounding like a little old lady who dotes on her pets, but the doggie jacket project was hard to resist. I think I hit the right note on cuteness here. Besides, I love dogs but don’t have any of my own. The good thing is that the little quilted flannel jackets fit. When it turns cold here in the mid-Atlantic, as it most certainly will, they’ll be warm on their walks. Today, all anyone needed was a light jacket. It was over 60.

While, I was sewing for David’s dogs, he was busy creating a unique gift for me and other members of our family. He calls it a food porn calendar. He and his partner took a trip to Paris last fall to celebrate a milestone birthday. They must have stopped in every pastry shop and cafe they found, taking pictures of everything they ate. The January photos are of a pastry shop window full of fruit tarts and chocolate cakes. He really did a good job with the calendar and found a unique way to share memories of his trip with the family.

More to tell, but I’ll save some new projects for future posts. Next one will be on our soon-to-open camera club exhibit.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and creative 2012!