Gettin’ Started

Hi Everyone,

Setting out on a new adventure here, and I welcome you to read along. What brings me here? The big boss at work wants our organization to have a blog, a set of blogs on different topics really, and he’s asked me to lead the effort. I’m excited, but a little unsure because I’ve never really been a blogger. I’m reading a lot about what makes a blog successful and talking to people who’ve done it. Of course, the best way to learn is by doing. So, here I am!

And what do I intend to blog about? Photography, writing, cooking, renovating and redecorating my house, maybe even sewing. The common theme is creativity — imagining what’s possible and taking the steps to make it happen whether it’s capturing a beautiful image or seeing the potential in an old, ugly wallpapered room.

Why would you want to read this? To explore the creative process — the technical side and the artistic vision. I plan to write at least once a week. Forgive me, if I slip up on that commitment in hectic times. I’ll come back. And I’ll try to use some good visuals. too. Photos from my Flickr site are over on the right side. Enjoy those!

More later,



2 thoughts on “Gettin’ Started

  1. This is great Linda, and it’s a distinct honor to leave your first comment! All of my blogging experience is with Blogger ( but I’m also beginning to start another blog with WordPress, so hopefully we can learn from each other.

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